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Everyone at LOGANWOOD Labs
is dedicated to making your experience in selecting the perfect puppy for you and
your family an informative
and pleasurable one.  We are always happy to answer
any questions about raising your new family member!  
Labrador Retrievers
don't even know they are
Click on our sites for a tour of our facilities and important information.  Thank you
for your interest in our
Labrador Retrievers!
Specializing in Labrador Retrievers!
For more information, please email us at

By phone: 478-447-0933
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will be called as soon as possible.)
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At Loganwood Labs, we tend to think of our Purebred Labrador Retrievers as:

We hope you’ll think of them that way too, because a purebred Labrador Retriever is one of God’s greatest
gifts – an animal that will love you unconditionally every day of the year.

From Georgia with Love!

Loganwood Labs is a Georgia Labrador breeder with more than 10 years experience breeding quality dogs.  
The parents of our purebred Labrador Retriever Puppies (our “boys” and “girls”) are treated with love and
care and have a well-documented pedigree.  All come from excellent lines and are AKC registered.  

The litters at Loganwood Labs are nursed and weaned in comfortable surroundings in our puppy nursery to
ensure healthy, happy dogs.  
All our Labradors come with excellent breeding to ensure excellent health, sound bodies, intelligence, and good

Labrador Puppies in Every Color for You.

White Labs
A specialty of Loganwood Labs: Our White Labs – the "whitest of the white"!  The lineage on these
beauties is long and proud.  Our white labs are great for homes with children.  Loving, cuddly, white as
snow and pretty as a picture – that’s our White Labs.

Yellow Labs
Our traditional Yellow Labs have the sweetest dispositions.  Bred from a long line of champion dogs, a
Loganwood Yellow Lab will be a constant companion, eager to please and happy to be loved.

Chocolate Labs
Chocolate Labs are special, and ours are as good as they get.  The chocolate boys and girls at   
Loganwood Labs are a kennel favorite.  Wrap them up with a sweet blue or pink bow and take one
home today!

Black Labs
An all-time favorite to dog lovers of all ages, our Black Lab Puppies are ready for action, and all they
need is love.  Perfect on the hunt or when you need a hug, our Black Lab puppies are some of our
most popular residents at Loganwood.

We Ship!
We ship Delta Pet First in the US!  We take great care to get your puppy to you safe and sound.  We’ll
take the time to make the right travel arrangements for your new puppy.

A Purebred Labrador Retriever Breeder Through and Through, A Cut Above!
In case you haven't figured it out by now, Loganwood Labs is in love with labs of all colors!  We are a
purebred Labrador Retriever breeder in every aspect; but you'll see that we are not just your average
breeder - we've perfected the practice by instituting several unique breeding, rearing, and selling
practices of our own.  Learn more about the difference we make as a Georgia Labrador breeder and
see how much more confident that allows you to feel by purchasing your lab from Loganwood.  

Better Than Average Labrador Dogs for Sale!
Our complete line of labs for sale is far more selective and comprehensive than what the average
purebred Labrador Retriever breeder offers.  We are entirely committed to our role as a Labrador
breeder in GA, and to bringing out the best of the breed in every way.  That includes capitalizing on
the outdoor and fun-loving nature of these wonderful companion animals, and it also includes the finer
details like offering top-quality pets in all the Labrador colors.

Whereas many purebred Labrador Retriever breeder will focus on producing one litter or one color,
we can offer the right color for you.  We offer striking chocolates, blacks, and white retrievers for sale.  You
may have looked long and hard for unique white Labrador dogs for sale, but your search can end
now.  You've located those white labs for sale in GA.  You've found them at a white lab breeder you
can trust implicitly!

Better Than Average Breeding Conditions!
Our breeding conditions far surpass those of most backyard breeders.  We have the room, the
grounds, and the facilities to produce multiple litters while still giving upstanding care and attention.
Our practices (such as hand raising, private whelping, and outdoor  kenneling during the day)
helps your pup develop into the best possible pet and companion, even before you take him or her

Better Than Average Labrador Breeder in Georgia!
All of our policies and practices together combine to make Loganwood one of the most reliable and
dedicated Georgia Labrador breeders (more accurately, purebred Labrador Retriever anywhere).  We
do offer shipping through out the United States.  We have included much of the information here on
this site so that you can choose a friend with confidence.  Let us know whatever else we can do to
help you along.  We will be happy to oblige!  We want you to be excited and feel secure as you select
the next new partner in your life!
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Black - $900    Chocolate - $1,100   Yellow - $1,100

Ivory - $1,300  White - $1,500     
******** NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT $250 ********
Note: $100 discount if puppy deposit is made in form of
check & balance is paid in cash.

If you pay the puppy balance by check we must have the
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